RiiSE20 Travel Bursaries

At the moment we have 1 confirmed travel bursary scheme with the Scottish Radiological Society (outlined below) for Scotland-based medical students.

Further travel bursary schemes (for England/Wales/NI and the Republic of Ireland) are in development; we are hoping to offer these officially in the coming weeks.

NOTE: All travel bursary schemes will require delegates to first register via our Eventbrite page. If the specific bursary scheme offers a travel bursary AND free registration, the registration fee will be refunded along with travel expenses after confirmed attendance at the RiiSE20 event.

Scottish Radiological Society (SRS) RiiSE20 Student Travel Bursary Scheme

Who? Medical students in Scottish medical schools (outside Edinburgh).

What? A RiiSE20 travel and registration bursary of up to £50 (to consist of £40 on travel expenses and £10 on registration).


  1. Complete the SRS RiiSE20 Google Form (click here); complete ALL sections.
  2. Register for the RiiSE20 event here. (Note: this is not mandatory before notification of successful bursary application but all successful bursary holders will have to register on Eventbrite; these fees will be refunded with travel expenses after the RiiSE20 event.)
  3. Submit any relevant abstracts for RiiSE20 (as per instructions on our RiiSE20 Abstract Submission Page).
  4. Read the SRS RiiSE20 Travel Bursary Scheme Terms and Conditions below.
  5. Get in contact with the RiiSE team at RiiSEdinburgh@gmail.com if there are any questions or if any issues arise.

When? The initial deadline for this bursary application will be the 14th of February 2020; up to this point priority will be given to applicants who have submitted abstracts for RiiSE20.

SRS RiiSE20 Travel Bursary Scheme Terms and Conditions.

Priority places for the SRS RiiSE20 Travel Bursary Scheme will be held for those Scotland-based students submitting abstracts for RiiSE20 until midnight on February 14th.

If funds remain in the bursary fund after the 14th of February, bursaries will be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who have satisfactorily completed the SRS RiiSE20 Google Form.

The SRS RiiSE20 Travel Bursary Fund is open to medical students in Glasgow, St. Andrews, Dundee, Aberdeen and those on the ScotGEM programme.

‘Satisfactory completion’ of the SRS RiiSE20 Google Form includes: the applicant is a medical student in the aforementioned universities and has included relevant contact information, provision of estimated/actual travel expenses for RiiSE20 and completion of a brief personal statement about the applicant’s interest in radiology/IR.

Bursaries will be paid out after confirmed attendance at the RiiSE20 event. Successful bursary recipients will be asked to send copies of relevant receipts/tickets to RiiSEdinburgh@gmail.com with the subject ‘SRS RiiSE20 Bursary’.

Travel expenses will be refunded up to a maximum of £40. Registration fees paid will also be refunded under this scheme.

If you have any questions email us as RiiSEdinburgh@gmail.com

Are you a medical student in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or the Republic of Ireland? Register your interest in a student travel bursary below and we’ll contact you with details as soon as we have more information.

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