About RiiSE

The RiiSE project, developed in 2017, is an award-winning and innovative initiative aimed at raising the profile of radiology and IR careers to medical students and junior doctors. It was the first event of its kind aimed at medical students & junior doctors and has spurred the development of further ‘Imaging & Intervention’ symposia across the UK. RiiSE has established itself as the leading UK event of its kind. We give delegates the opportunity to explore future careers in the realm of medical imaging and showcase their work at a national event.

At the heart of RiiSE is an aspiration to breakdown barriers between students/recent graduates and senior academics and clinicians in the medical imaging world. Our events give attendees the opportunity to meet with and talk directly to radiology trainees, consultant radiologists, academics and representatives from the radiology training and education bodies.

We are always open to feedback and make great efforts year-on-year to develop and improve our events. Due to obvious restrictions related to the ongoing pandemic – RiiSE20 was unfortunately cancelled and RiiSE21 & RiiSE22 were both delivered virtually. Registration for our on-site RiiSE23 opens soon!

Notable RiiSE Achievements:

  • University of Edinburgh Student Experience Grant winner 2018
  • NHS Education Scotland Commended Award for Innovation in Training 2019
  • CIRSE 2019 Presentation on the RiiSE Project at Students on Stage Session
  • RiiSE/IRJ/BSIR TasteIR Series in 2020 broadcast to a global audience

RiiSE Team:

  • RiiSE Founder and Event Coordinator 2017 – Present: Niall Burke
  • RiiSE18 Conference Team: Niall Burke, Kirsten Kind, Vicky Tiliridou.
  • RiiSE19 Conference Team: Dilini Fernando, Fortis Gaba, Kirsten Kind.
  • RiiSE20 Conference Team: Matthew Bracchi, Derek Smith, Kirsten Kind.
  • RiiSE21 Conference Team: Thai Ling Wong, Muchen Jiang, Matthew Bracchi.
  • RiiSE22 Conference Team: Niall Burke & Edinburgh University Radiology Society Committee (David Flaherty, Vivienne Nguyen, Quin Healey, Katie Reid, Caitlyn Taylor, Muchen Jiang).
  • RiSE23 Conference Team: Neera Chaudhary, Euan Smyth & Edinburgh University Radiology Society Committee (Jacob Flaherty, Christiane Gafrey et al)